There were four separate one hour conference calls prior to the September 19, 2016 Regional Clean Energy Innovation Summit.  The purpose of the calls were to include as many ideas and suggestions around four different breakout session topics.  Click here to view the agenda

It was our goal on Sept 19 to begin developing a region-wise approach to clean energy production, distribution, and end-use that minimizes resource conflicts and environmental impacts while maximizing collaboration and economic impact in this half century.  To achieve this goal, the Summit hosts identified four focus areas, illustrated below, which were the subjects of afternoon breakout sessions.  They were underpinned by:

a.  development of region-wide analytical models and decision support tools emphasizing systems approaches that   identify, quantify and solve resource conflicts arising from competing clean energy innovation options; and

b.  research, development, demonstration, and deployment that leverages our region’s unique expertise, capabilities, resources and related infrastructure.