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1.       Is this primarily a renewable energy effort?  NO, it is broad and our focus is on energy-related topics.

2.       Does carbon capture have a role? YES, absolutely and we welcome your ideas

3.       Does energy storage have a role? YES, absolutely and we welcome your ideas

4.       Is the outcome likely to be a research program for the collaborator? Possibly, that is what we are exploring on Sept 19 at the summit.  Please read more on the Mission Innovation website — click here.

5.       Are other universities invited to the table as equal partners?  Yes, we are encouraging other universities to join this regional initiative.  The Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory members are only starting the process to build a regional center, however we welcome all universities interested in the 10 state region to join this collaborative.

6.       How do you anticipate managing the large group of people and interests indicated here?  An independent nonprofit is currently being set up to manage the program.  One of the discussion points on Sept 19 will be to explore the organizational model and how it would function.  Setting up an independent 501(c)(3) is a requirement for this initiative. The Collaboratory Executive Board has begun to create this separate non-profit entity.

7.       How does industry or how do businesses fit into the discussion?  In a large way through cost-shared demonstration and deployment partnerships.  It will be imperative that industry will be involved as the end user of energy innovations.

8.       Does the scope involve broad aspects of sustainability, including food, water, buildings, etc., or mainly power generation?  All of these topics are on the table at this point.  The Collaboratory, the host of the Sept 19 meeting, has offered up a strawman including potential topics and expertise areas.  The Sept 19 was meant to be a listening session in order to hear from other states as to their regional needs, expertise and interest.

9.   What is the underpinning goal of the Regional Clean Energy Innovation Summit?  It is to begin developing a region-wise approach to clean energy production, distribution, and end-use that minimizes resource conflicts and environmental impacts while maximizing collaboration and economic impact in this half century.  To achieve this goal, the Summit hosts have identified four focus areas, illustrated below, which are the subjects of afternoon breakout sessions.

Click here: Full agenda for Sept 19 Regional Clean Energy Innovation Summit


Click here for Sept 19 summit diagram

It is anticipated that each focus area will be underpinned by:
a.  development of region-wide analytical models and decision support tools emphasizing systems approaches that identify, quantify and solve resource conflicts arising from competing clean energy innovation options; and
b.  research, development, demonstration, and deployment that leverages our region’s unique expertise, capabilities, resources and related infrastructure.